Corporate Sponsors

We affiliate ourselves with the finest of product and service purveyors. Through tax-deductable donations and either partial or complete sponsorships, Altruity helps to establish identity with our brands and co-market toward broad demographics. We select companies that also have a history of philanthropic work and have a wholesome work ethic and excellent employee relations.

If you or your company are interested in sponsorship opportunities, we can offer a great deal more than just a simple tax write-off. We formulate win-win relationships that are lucrative and work mutually. We also provide metrics and results tracking.

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Diageo is the world's leading beverage distributor with an outstanding collection of spirits, wine and beer categories. We honor this sponsorship and return the investment through brand dispersal and marketing, product promotion, event photography and strategic alliance.
maximum productions
Thier mission is to provide San Francisco with hip clubs that combine great entertainment and great service in unique and vibrant locations. They have supported Altruity from the beginning and for that, we owe the greatest of appreciation.

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