Culinary Arts

Coming from a strong background in the culinary profession, we support up-and-coming local cooks and chefs by designing unique menus and showcasing them in a nightlife environment. Chefs de cuisine, saute, pastry and grille conjure up wondrous bites and delectable entrees during the evenings musical performances and art exhibits. Hailing from the best restaurants in San Francisco and the best Culinary schools in the nation, this feature is our true piece de resistance!

In the past, we have had the honor of inviting many such individuals for a stage.
Some of them are:

Martin Wilda

Mike Barbera

Brandon Martinez
(La Folie)

If you are in the culinary trade, are currently employed at a finer San Francisco dining establishment and are possibly interested in doing a paid stage with us, please contact us for information and booking schedule. Individuals must have either attended an accredited and noteworthy culinary school or have extensive experience in a professional kitchen.

As well, we are always seeking new talent for our live cooking courses and our "Iron Chef" competitions. There are many incentives to these stages. Please contact us for details.

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